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Boosting Regulator Current/ATX power supply

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I wish that I could just copy and paste a piece of a FDF file. This schematic is like your last one, and is from Fairchild, who got it from ON Semi., who got it from Motorola.
I think that your 100 ohms doesn't allow enough current for the regulator, so I used 10 ohms.
Also, I think that your little 2N2905 will be smokin'. ;D


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You can use the Prt Sc (print screen) to copy from any document and just paste it in paint, cut it to size and you are done! Try it! The circuits is almost the same, I like to have the protection diode in there also. The value of R1 is not very important but if you use higher value there is no need to cool the regulator. It will then go faster into thermal protection in case of a short circuit. I have encountered cases where regulators have been

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Thanks, Ante,
If I do a Print Scrn (shifted, so I don't get SysRq), then I don't know where it is stored (Windows Temp. is empty). Then I open paint, and the only action that I have is "Edit - Paste from". Since I don't know where it is stored, then I also don't know where to paste it from.
I don't think that my Print Scrn button works.

Now the booster again:
1) Without a load, if the regulator's idle current flowing through your 100 ohm resistor turns-on the boost transistor (it is close), then the circuit's output voltage will rise very high, and even your protection diode won't prevent it. Then if the voltage is high enough to cause avalanche-breakdown of the resulting reverse-biased emitter-base junction of the regulator's pass transistor, the boost transistor may pump lots of current into that avalanching junction and maybe destroy it.
2) Do you know if a regulator that has gone into thermal-shutdown, will start working again after it has cooled?

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Yes, I also have a laptop with Win 98 SE. It works in mine also. There was a lot of difference between win 98 1st and 2nd editions. I had 1st edition at some point but I cannot remember what I did with it. Probably threw it away. The second edition is much larger. I think of the second edition as the real thing and the 1st edition as the introductory sample of the operating system.


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Ante, MP,
Thanks guys, ALT + Print-Screen works fine and I can paste it into Paint.

Not yet. The computer is only a tool, and you guys help me a lot with it, thanks again.
You should see my trusty (not rusty) single-channel, vacuum-tube (except my CMOS timebase, sync and transistorized horiz. amp) AC-coupled (350V vert. amp) 'scope!

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Congratulations, you found a key combination that worked! Well then there is no reason to upgrade yet! ;D Tube scope? I hade one of those 20 years ago and it was old then! It was a Trio Advance scope it weighed about 25 kilos or so.

Ante ::)

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