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data transmission

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i am facing a problem in transmission of digital data and DC supply. the problem is that,

i have to transmit digital data RS-232 level and DC power (+24V at the surface) on the same cable.
Till now iam using 4- core steel armoured cable for this purpose the four wires are utilised as:

1. for sending the +24 V DC and the cable resistance is 8 OHMS per 100 meters. normally i use 200-250 m cable this instrument is for data logging from sub surface. The electronics works on +12 V DC. The electronics consists of MIcrocontroller, memory chips, ADC chip, etc.
2. for the supply ground.
3. for transmission of the digital data RS-232 level with Driver.
4. the signal Ground.
because of the above the cable is very bulky and heavy.

the digital data is stored in the PC on the surface using serial port.

So request your help in suggesting a way to transmit the DATA as well the DC supply on the same cable.
your valuble suggestion will be very much helpful to me.

thnking you, with best wishes,


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