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Television safety (help)


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I have a TV that decides to turn off after about 5 to 20 minutes. I found several components with the soldier lifted from the track. After soldiering them it stayed on for longer, I then found to of the rectifier diodes were blown and another that I cannot identify to replace, it has the numbers (30 40 and three dots). it is a 51 cm sharp television about eight years old. I know about releasing the charge from the capacitor that is the one that will throw you across the room. I would like to be able to look for problems with the television powered up. I will only proceed (only) if I am confident I can do so (safely) so could someone please help me with the (do and don'ts), safety procedures.

Thanks in advance.

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For safety, keep one hand in your pocket and wear rubber soled shoes or work on an insulated surface. The high voltage won't injure you but you could be injured when you jump back. If you have overheating components, you have to find the cause before replacing parts. Check leakage of filter caps, etc.

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Thanks tel1958 that would be great.
(Printed on sticker on the back of TV)
Sharp Corporation of Australia.
Model NO.CX 48D3
Serial NO.08744
power supply 230-240~50 Hz,80w

I am unsure of what numbers on the circuit board is too identify it. So I will tell you what I can see.
On a sticker (CX48D3 M 588)
(8185X0 51 700 ) and immediately below that printed on the circuit board (K8185WE)
another number printed on the circuit board (PWBF8185PE). Sticker in centre of board (0338).
The number for the diode is (D214). This is a bit of an overkill of information, the model number that matches with the number on the circuit board is probably all you need. Thanks in advance for your help.

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