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Guitar Amplifier

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Hi :-)

I want to build a guitar amplifier, but i haven't found any useful schematics yet... I want it to be powerful, maybe 100 Watt if its possible, it has to be a clean pre-amp (which means: no distortion), low-noise as possible (no hiss) and a 3-band graphic equalizer (low, mid and high-controls), look at my drawing.

I'm a newbie in audio electronics, so i don't know that much about op-amps, transistors... you name it :-)

If you think you know much about it to help me creating some schematics, you are very welcome to post in this forum or to my mail-adress: peter(@)gawis.dk


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Ante, I've already tried building the pre-amp - the problem is, that the sound isn't clean. I wanted a clean pre-amp :-) But maybe i could use the power-amp schematic... Thanks :-)

Really nice site, EDY, but it's still tube-amps :-[ hehe

But, thanks for helping. I would really like some beginner-guides to build pre-amps with op-amps and/or transistors. Somebody in this forum must know something about that :-)

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Sorry about the links to tube amps. :-[ I just did got these links from a google search and didn't read all the content.

You may be able to find a good amp on eBay. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy than build. I certainly got a good deal on my oscilloscope. Not that I could build an oscilloscope. ;)

Hope you're not building one of those giant wall amps from "Back to the Future". Your neighbors might get upset.



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I did build the pre-amp of this project:

100W Guitar Amplifier Mk II


The problem was that almost nothing was comming out of the speaker unless i was turning up the gain-control, and then I got distortion. The Volume-control was as high as possible... then i looked on the project-site again, and changed some resistors but it didn't work very well....

I think its best if I start with a simple schematic... i think the dual opamp TL072 should be fine, but I don't know much about op-amps... so I need some help :-)

I explain: I don't need big complicated schematics of already build guitar-amps, I more need some beginner-info about building pre-amps with op-amps (or maybe transistors)

Thanks for helping me :-) - But I need more help :-( , so everybody is welcome to post some info :-)

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I've builded this simple preamp with my friend for his guitar. It is more less just a simple active-out for guitar 'couse it is connected directly to magnet pickup. It worked like a charm. No distortion and clean sound. Best thing is it is as simple as it gets. I posted pictures below but try this link also for a little different wersion of the same pre-amp




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