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:D hello hotwaterwiard these switches look wierd ive never seen anything like them , in australia here i dont know what they use but i hear on the news that they are spraying silicon stuff on our powerlines or insulaters may be something to do with dust hazards when it clings to powerlines i geuss and when it rains the dust somehow causes them to catch fire or arc, something like that i think .do you have things like that in the usa.

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:D reply to hotwater wizard. i really dont know hotwaterwizard but i think its part of a large upgrade, i just caught some of this on the news, and saw the helicopter spraying that silicon stuff onto the powerlines and insulaters, this is i think something to do with the dust collecting on the powerlines and which can cause problems if the dust collects to much. as for switchers i dont really dont know what type of switches they use here in australia, but if they did they would be different i geuss.

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Believe it or not the Earth is the 4th wire.
That is why they call it Ground.

Read more about it here.

Take a look at his site.

And this one.

Here is OSHA's Definitions for Ground.

Ground: A large conducting body (such as the earth) used as a common return for an electric circuit and as an arbitrary zero of potential.

Grounded, effectively: Intentionally connected to earth through a ground connection or connections of sufficiently low impedance and having sufficient current-carrying capacity to prevent the buildup of voltages that may result in undue hazards to connect equipment or to persons.

Grounded Conductor: A system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded, usually gray or white in color.

Grounding Conductor: A conductor used to connect metal equipment enclosures and/or the system grounded conductor to a grounding electrode, such as the ground wire run to the water pipe at a service; also may be a bare or insulated conductor used to ground motor frames, panel boxes, and other metal equipment enclosures used throughout electrical systems. In most conduit systems, the conduit is used as the ground conductor.

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What exactly is a "gang operated airbrake"?

Gang-operated disconnects are used where more than one phase of a circuit must be opened simultaneously. The most common gang-operated disconnect switches are the air-brake type manufactured in 200-, 300-, and 400-ampere ratings in all voltage classes from 5,000 volts up. They are used at substations, switching structures, and on the lines for energizing and de-energizing transformer banks and other apparatus. They are also used for sectionalizing. Although they can be motor-operated, they are more commonly provided with a switch handle for hand operation. This type of switch is ideal because it lends itself to operation from the ground, often permitting service to be restored to sections of the network without pole climbing.

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By the way I don't work in that Factory anymore. It payed only $10 an hour.
I was a machinist (so to speak). I drilled holes, grinded parts ,used the Milling machine, Metal benders, Metal Punches (that shook the ground when the punch came down), metal lathe, large drill press, etc. then assembly.
I had no part in the design. I was a general laborer, that just did as I was told.

I work back at my old job now making over twice that much money.
I am a Service Tech



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