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Playing with hydrogen


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Hi steven, I'm sure you realise that their is a couple of critical design flaws in this design ;), as well as most of the most important parts are missing. Apart from this, it gives a good overall idea on how it could be done 8).

Do You have the second page to this design, I will post it if you don't have it :).

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Steven, I decided its time to sort out the mess I have made of my hard drive, and try to create some order from chaos, man it is a mess no wonder I can't find anything :o.

Anyway I came across this :) http://www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/bp/16/hydrogen.htm (its worth a look) if you haven't already came across this site ;).

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thanks dazza my prototype setup would produce hydrogen and oxygen slowly at a pressure enougth to inflate 2 baloons as ill use them to collect the gass . and by the use of a flateable baloon puffer switch once the baloons inflate the circuit will shut off, ive got the plans for these puffer switches in my mini engineers note books i collected from tandys years ago so ill look into it and post you the details on useing the puffer switch and makeing it , as soon as i get to it

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hhey dazza the browns gass thing ive read about seems to do the same thing as my simple exsperiment did where i used diodes for the electrodes  in separateing hydrogen and oxygen from water with  iodised salt in it . the bubles in my exsperiment go sideways instead up up,  for about half way before riseing , has i wonder if brown himself ever had the same effect iether, as i dont remember ever reading of him getting the same as i do ,and the water goes black colour and sludgy like to when i use the diodes for electrodes

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