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Schematics Variable current 12v 60A to 0A


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Ante, aiming for good quality, workmanship and accuracy is important, even if it is a DIY job, I like to take my time and do as good a job as I can, quality not quantity ;). I am hoping for reliability more than accuracy for the pressure transmitter, 10% accuracy would be reasonable to hope for I think. I have a couple of washing machine pressure switches, for backup in case of over pressure or under pressure. Once I get to the stage of applying this system to a test vehicle, the pressure senses will have to be replaced, with ones that are designed to do the job reliably and accurately.

At the moment I'm working on putting together as much test equipment as I can, I'm building up the armoury ;D.

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Guest Yevgenip

That's a good idea!!!

I know this is for a different section of this forum, but maybe
high-rated (and motivated Jr.) members will be able to put an "~~Aproved~~" stamp on messages and projects.
Just a seggestion.


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