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1w Luxeon led/s driver for use in car?

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Hi im just trying to get a rough idea of what type of supply i would need to run about 4 or 5, 1w luxeon leds from a 12-13v car battery source, the 2 links below are nearly exactly wat im looking for, after i get this to work i might build up a sound sensitive cct to use with it aswell any suggestions or cct diagrams hehehe? im thinking a switch mode power supply but im not sure what these 2 modelec ccts are some kinda pulse driver? it say u dont see the pulses, sooo hmmm? oh yeh www.lumileds.com for more info on these 1w leds. thanks






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Hello Brenn

Which color Luxeon's are you going to use? Red Luxeon has forward voltage of 2,85V and blue has 3,42V. Four red Luxeons connected in series would have forward voltage of 11,4V.

Simplest method for dropping voltage would be a series resistor.
(13V-11,4V)/0,35A = 4,6 ohm => 5,6 ohm 2 watt resistor in series with the LED chain.

For blue Luxeons, you could connect them series/parallel. For example, two chains of two series-connected LEDs, with each chain has its own series resistor. In this case,
(13V-6,84V)/0,35A = 17,6 ohm => 18 ohm 5 watt series resistor for each chain.

If you're interested about switch-mode's higer effiency, have a look at switch-mode regulator ICs from National and Maxim.


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