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Newbie looking for diy capacitor sites


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there are sites with information on makeing capacitors, like the water capacitor, and party cup capacitor where you roll the foil around a phoam cup to make a capacitor, and you have leydon jars of which is like a capacitor to, you would find details on makeing capacitors in the high voltage tesla coil sites to

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mp thanks, the information for these capacitors i collected was in my big collection of circuits i dont know the details for the bottle capacitor i dont have the specs for the leydon jars one but there is more to uploads yet i got from a book at the local library a few years ago so this next one will give you details to biuld the leydon jar type electrostatic capacitor, ive only tried the film can capacitors but mine dident work as i think i needed more foil on it

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i dismantled a ceramic capacitor once it was like it was made of a hard clay or something but anyhow it has a thin metalic thing between it but what got my attention was the wire leg was pressed into it before it was made hard as the indentation of the leg was still there into the thin metal plate , its like it was painted in a silver conductive circuit board track repair pen then dried and the wire leg pressed into it before it hardend then the same done to the other half then both were put together, you silver conductive circuit board trakc repair pen would be ideal for makeing capacitor plates just draw it on

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