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Home made hv ignition coil holder


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Using, a section of pvc pipe about the length of the ignition coil can. the pvc is cut down one side, then heated over a stove flame till its soft, then flatten it out on the floor with your shoes then reheat it till its soft again, over the stove flame, then with your hands, if you like to wear gloves, wrap the soft pvc around the ignition coil can , and bend out the ends, then hold it in position till the pvc cools and goes hard, then useing a saw or in my case a high speed mini drill and a pencil , mark out or draw out the section you need to cut out then drill holes along the lines you mark, or you can cut down each side with the saw then drill out the end section. then with a high speed mini drill with a small barrel sander sand the the section you cut the pvc bit out with and round off the corners,

Then drill your holes where the screws go through to hold the coil holder in tight towards the coil body, for those biulding ignition coil driver circuits , its handy makeing your own non conducting pvc , ignition coil holder. and if yous follow my posts youll see other things made from pvc pipes includeing circuit boxs flyfack transformer holders , and capacitor holder as featured on the back of one of my hgih voltage circuit boxes houseing a flyback driver circuit. in my posts to the hoigh voltage stuff section.

by Steven (received throught email)

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