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sram controller

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Some of you may have heard of a product called the Ramdrive; for those who don't know, it is a computer device which uses sdram as a harddrive which provides volitile BUT extremely fast data storage medium. I wish to improve upon this idea by using Non-Volitile SRAM which provides memory speeds slower than that of volitile ram yet much quicker than a harddrive. I recieved a 1 megabyte NVSRAM chip from Texas Instruments, Model #: bq4016MC-70 which is manufactured by Benchmarq as far as the chip label says. So my problem is that I need some kind of controller chip that will allow me to transfer data from IDE, SATA, or SCSI (I would prefer IDE, because I would have to buy a SATA or SCSI card if i were to use either of those connectors). The chip itself has a 36 pin dip format so soldering will be a snap (thank god). The Controller chip should run on 5vdc or 12vdc so that I won't have to provide power step -up or step-down. I am quite new to this type of electronics in general (I am more used to modern computers) so if you could please speak in my language. Thanks in advance for your help

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