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12v lamp Dimmer lamp ideas?

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I have a 12v transformer for interior lights and a few lights for it, but want to make it a dimmer light. the working amps are 250mA.

I would like to know how to wire up these three ways, so i can try each one and see if its any good and use the best....

Touch lamp. touch the metal to turn on dimmest. press again for brighter and again for brighter and again for off.

Manual pot adjuster.

and digital potentimeter. press up to turn up and make brighter and down for darker / off, and a reset button to turn instant off.

Any help and sche... will be helpfull.
Thanks in advance

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For the Mechanical one just go to the Junk Yard and get a Dimmer out of any car you like. for the others you can do a couple of things.
Get a standard touch lamp from the store and remove the touch circuit and hook it up to the input of the transformer. or Copy the circuit with Reverse Engineering. Then hook it up to your Transformer plug side.
Here are some circuits if you want to tinker.






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What you need is to adjust the amount of AC that is applied to the lamp. You can switch power to the lamp if you want and control the duration of the switch. You just assume that there is always a mains voltage present when in fact it depends on the time. To switch the voltage you need a triac that can be biased with a variable pulse width generator. This can be a 555 timer set up to give you a variable pulse width. The variable part is under your control and I believe it is a resistor.

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have read your problem about a dimmer for interior light.
I have made a complete design about this.
If you are interested, I can mail it to you (as pdf files).
The design can take up to 10 lamps and you can dim one at the time.
It also includes Interface til IR (Infra red).
Best regards.
Terje Olsen :)

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Well here it is.
I have send 2 dimmersystem (halogenlight 1 & 2).
It maybe lock rather complicated but it's not.
If any question I will try to explain the circuit.
I have of course the print layout but you have to tell what PCB program you are using
and I will transfer it.
I also have a bigger project about dimmer but this is rather complicated with memory and Eproms ( up to 64 lamps ).

Regards Terje

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