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Another INVERTER we can talk about..

Guest Kasamiko

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Hi Sasi,

Nice compact circuit!

I’m not an expert but I believe the “dead time” here is very short and the only purpose is to prevent the output transistors from conducting simultaneous and explode! The modified sine wave inverters I have seen does not use the three level method described earlier but a multiple step ramp-up ramp-down output.

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How is this circuit for a modified sine wave

Yes, it is a square-wave with a single step in it. Some electronic equipment will work fine with it as their mains, and others won't.
Now all that is needed is a way to make it drive a push-pull pair of Mosfets that conduct through a center-tapped transformer. Don't forget that the peak voltage must be higher than if a square-wave is used.
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I don't think the LM4651 is still being made. The National site says, "Lifetime Buy" instead of "Full Production".
A couple years ago I was going to design a pure sine-wave inverter using it when I found out it was being cancelled.

Texas Instruments and other semiconductor manufacturers make power class-D amplifiers that can be used to make a pure sine-wave inverter, not just a simple modified sine-wave one. The high efficiency is due to the PWM used to make it class-D so a pure sine-wave output also has high efficiency.

The class-D amplifiers operate on a supply voltage much higher than a car battery, and a big output stepup transformer needs to be used to make an inverter.

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Here are the schematics any ideas about where is the input and ouput , because first i want to try out the 125W audio amplifier and see if it works. THe problem is that the TAS5152 side is easy to tackle and understand but i donot understand the PWM Section of where is the Input signal and how to implement it ... ??



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i think a evaluation board is neccesary to implement this . but the problem is that i cannot buy the evaluation board in my country , one of my relatives live there in toronto but i bet they don't know the location , audioguru you also live in canada , can you check out the Texas instruments distributer in toronto and look if they have an evaluation board for the TS5152 - 5508 , because iin the texas instruments site , it only says status : PREVIEW for it . but you can buy it from the distubuter , better go check it out... thnx

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