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Electronic parasite zappers


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in these pictures is another version of the parasite zapper and i used this one to get rid of a migrain headache once. and it sure helps ease stomach pains as said by some who ive allowed to try it this circuit, the led comes on when you hold the electrodes so the brighter the led, the better it conducts through your body low voltage at certain frenquency. to kill certain parasites

by Steven (received throught email)

in these pictures are an electronic parasite zapper i biult from circuits on the net. the two coper pipe electrodes you hold in your hand enables the low voltage at certain frenquency to penetrate your body ,thus killing parasites and other bad organisims, although it may not be exsplained properly, but through exsperimentation of this circuit i accidently found this may be the electronic version for viagara. i once had a tummy pain, thus thinking, i to like my fiancee was getting apendicitis so i tested it out only to get the unexspected results, but it sure got rid of the tummy pain, and when you hold the electrodes you can tell its working ok as it interfears with the radio slightly

this circuit here was an inprovised circuit , the small high voltage circuit i got out of my old astra umax 6005 or s computer scanner. the simple job of wireing it up allows mini arcs to be outputed through the attached probes. i used this circuit to get rid of an irritateing , rash on my wrist as i scratched it more, the more it anoyed me so i used this mini arc generator to get rid of it, so i held one electrode in my hand and the other i brushed it in a circle around the erea of the itch and the tiny arc burns a painless circle around the erea of the rash , i then went over the erea inside the circle. the itch went within 4 miniutes, the erea of skin in the circle , over a few short days formed into a dry spot and peeled away then healed, this is a good example of useing electric mini arcs to heal skin complaints.

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reply to audio guru. love your sense of humour audio guru. i love exsperimenting, my stomach pain may of been something comon. the signals from the zapper dosent penetrate the thick parts of the body that much to light the led up more so its nessisary to use shortcuts , like put one electrode, near the erea of the tummy pain and the other, as close to the erea you can. in my exsperiment , i had one electrode on me belly and the other between my right leg and , golf bags, as embaraseing it is to say but im laugthing at this. this increases conduction better as the signals only have to travel that short distance to have better effects than to rely on it doing the job if you have one electrode in one hand and the other in the other hand, as i think it would go through the top of your body instead of where the pain is. as for the mini arc generater i get arcs so thin you hardly feel them and ive got another exsperiment that puts arcs to your skin from the one hv output, due to body capacitance, and i have a multiignition coil driver with 2 parralell coils that through a lead pencil will throw one arc from the hv out to your skin and will burn clean holes in it and you hardly feel a thing , the aplications for something like this in the beauty industries could be big especially when you can use it to exfoiliate dead skin cells etc etc.

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i'm new to the forum, and i'm looking for diagrams and instructions for building a zapper. i'm also pretty green to the electronics area, so any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. it seems like there is a lot of sites on the web that talk about them and want to sell you one, but it's pretty hard to come by detailed descriptions or instructions for building you own.

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audio guru whos kaboto never herd of him i collected these circuits with thousands of others from all aover the net and even had heaps sent to me by my email pal contact. on the other side of australia. it was said theres a fenquency for all deseases and bad viruses you just have to find the right one to neutralize it or eradicate it . youll find the info for these under hulda clark zappers. etc etc

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:)in the circuit above the the 2 diodes on the top left next to the 18 volts positive input, part number rs 276-1101. the resistor on the right near it is 150k on the far right nextr to output is 480 ohms 1/2 watt resister and under it is a 10 uf tantulum capacitor
near that to the left is 5.6k resister with red led and earth .on the right hand side of the 20k trimmer is 70k resister.capacitor at pin 5 is 0.01uf 25 volts polycapacitor between pin 5 and 6 is 2200p.
tune the trimmer for 2128 hz.

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Hi Doctor Emad in Egypt,
I have always believed that pain relief can be had by allowing the brain to concentrate on something else. This always works for guys, who can do only one thing at a time. Not for women, most can do many things at the same time.
Take an Asprin. Your brain will be concentrating on the damage that it is doing to your stomach, and you forget about the original pain.
Drop something heavy on your toe, etc.

Maybe you can make an electric device that uses infrared radiation to give a minor burn like a sunburn, that would probably give pain relief. I have never tried it. Can you feel heat that is radiated by a high-current IR LED? I can't feel anything from my low-power remote.

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