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Lambda/EMI TCR80S13


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Sorry for the duplication also posted under datasheet help as well, just really stuck on this one:

Hello folks hope someone may be able to help me out. I've inherited some older power supplies which have me baffled(no manualto boot). The supply is a EMI(now lambda) TCR80S13-1-0V DC supply 0-80V 0-13A, it's SCR regulated, I only want to use it as locally variable. The problem is I can't get the crazy thing the put out any volts on the output.
It has 2 main posts and a 14 position terminal block with the following

1 + V
2+V Remote Sense
3 V Programming I
4 V Amp In
5 V Programming R
6 V programming R Com
7 -V Sense Remote
8 -V
9 I Programming I
10 I Amp In
11 I Programming R
12 - Shunt
13 Inverter Amp In
14 +Shunt

Tried several jumpered configs on the strip but no luck, if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong help would be greatly appreciated

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