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My computer is slowing down!!

Guest Kasamiko

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Guest Kasamiko

whaaa!!! :'(
I think I have to reinstall my windoze..
Would you imagine, accessing my drive C from my computer may take for a while! yeah, I can see the flashlight icon on my P4 unit!!

rhonn ;) ;)

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if you try restoreing your computer to an earlyer time, and it dosent help, if you and someone else has pc anywhere then yous could do a computer linkup and that person can check your system out for you . i had pc anywhere and my brother on the other on the othe side of australia had it and i aurthorized him to check my computer from 4000 kilometers away, so i was sitting there watching my curser move around by itself and go through my computer as my brother was doing it from his computer, i think windows xp may have a similiar thing to, otherwise , a complete reformatt will be the best chioce,

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Dear Kasamiko

I have never heard that someOne coul repair his Windows, I think you are not infected, all things that happend is that your Windows has been corrupted, uninstall you windows, and everything will be OK, to prevent this again, never install games on your computer, if you want to play games with your PC you should install your windows 4 times a year, try Windows XP with Service Pack 2, and it is possible use NTFS format.


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Guest Kasamiko

My WindoZe is not corrupted at all, MP is correct in his previous post, installing, uninstalling lot of softwares will leave some of their traces in the registry and makes if FAT..since I tried a lot of sharewares and uninstall I don't like trouble comes in..
Now my question:
Is there a little utility that can monitor a software installation AND WILL RECORD OR KEEP LOG all the rubbish you install, including *.txt,*.doc, *.hlp and everything it added to the registry? I mean everything..

rhonn ;) ;)

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I am using XP professional SP1. Problem..... already solved by reinstallation. But really, if XP are in trouble, it is very painful to recover it.
I do agree WIN2000 is very good and stable....
However I think most stable one will be DOS6.22 + Windows 3.1 era..... :P


Ok, boot from CD-Rom then
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I've just read the posts all of you made. The problem most probably is not in registry. First check that all of your hardware devices are totaly operational. If you have for example a hard disk that has gone a litle bad over the years windows might try over and over to connect to it but I think that is not the case. If antivirus showed no viruses try checking windows services. Sometimes one of them can get stuck and never mind reboot it will be stuck again. I had the same problem with WWW service being stuck and making me unable to get any properties from a file/folder. Also open your task manager and look if any program/service is consuming a lot of CPU. This can also gave you a basic idea of whats wrong. As for programs leaving some info in registry, that should not be a problem. Registry was made to work that way. Also system restore will not put your wirus back in the system becouse it will copy old files from a cd. You will just need to put all the patches again after restore. Hope this helps. Cheers

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Heres a tip that will spedd in up in no time.
remove network software and dissconnect perminatly from the internert
remove ALL virus guards and fire walls.
remove everything that boots at startup.
here a quick list of thing to remove
Norton Av (all versions)
Windows messenger,
MS office,
ms works,
java webstart,
xp fire wall,
Nokia phone manager,

and anything else that boots a startup

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Yep & next step would be to use DOS for ultimate speed ;D And about the system restore, it will store the files on your harddisk in a hidden folder named "System Volume Information" on each drive eating up space. It will copy exe & dll files into that folder whenever ou try to install something. Just check these links out -

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