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I couldn't get the size I wanted. I took few ballast from old florecent light. Dismantle the ballast I got "C" and "T" shape soft iron. When to few electrical shop and ask them if they have any old transformer to throw away, they replied no (not friendly).

By the way, yesterday I discovered some strange effect to my Adams Motor during testing. Will explain deeper in Adams Motor Project section. Also will post the circuit I used to get this effect. Hope you could assist me to explain the strange effect.

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hi guys have been busy tying t find engineers for my grvity wheel i was given a free contingent of as well as the RV

now the pdf has been updated and added too surjai , ante kumeran and all, check it out, they are just about to add a berdini pulse motor in there as well, im refering to the original pdf link at the start of this thread.

and yes ante, we have some diagrams and shcmetics for you in there this time ;D

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