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Condesor Mic Pin Map?

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I have a Multimedia headset (Stereo Headphone with Mic ), and I want to build a
PreAmp for the Condensor mic, it has a stereo XLR 1/8" plug
it is a very general headset and works with PC Sound cards perfectly
Does any boady know the pin map of the Mic Plug,
which of the following pics is correct? The model of
the headset is 'GALAXY AP-860'.On the box of Headset is
written (Mic:Condensor type),(Polar Pattern:Omni-directional)
(Sensivity:-40db),(Connector:3.5mm Stereo Plug*2)
ThanX in advance...


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Hi Shahrier,
Over here, we call that type of microphone "Electret". A condensor microphone needs a high voltage of about 48V. An electret mic has a high voltage charge built-in, and also has a built-in FET that needs a small current at about 5V.
Your 2nd diagram is for a stereo mic which headset mics don't have, so the 1st diagram might be correct. To confirm, just measure the voltages of a plug in your sound card.

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