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Charging of Capacitor


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I want to charge a 32uF capacitor to 5Kvdc using 12V, 7AH battery within 10 seconds. would anybody tell me any practical example?. I have designed a flyback circuit which charges it in 21 seconds. But I could not reduce it further. I have attached the circuit file. Please help me what is wrong in the circuit. How can I improve it?

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:) hang in there bakr ive allready started the exsperiments and research stagers for high voltage capacitor chargeing and have posted the hand powerd high voltage photo flash capacitor, charger information , ive recently tried it with my flyback driver circuit powering a disc shaped flyback transformer with great results, and ill be putting it together as soon as i get the matierials to biuld a circuit box for it. ill be biulding and ignition coil type hv capacitor charger to , now the flyback transformer i used was disc shaped without the in biult high voltage trippler , so if i was to use one with the inbiult trippler ill have to do some more exsperiments with that as ill be haveing much higher voltage output and if it exceeds the voltage rateing of even a 15 kv capaciotr , even though i dont have any, it may blow them, so ill have to get hold of some higher voltage capacitors to try. on it the flyback type hv capacitor charger ive put to gether to exsperiment with charges the photo flash caps up in around 15 seconds somewhere so ill post the results as i get them and you can use anything out of it to reach your goal.

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;D bakr
you must increase the power of your fly-back circuit for faster charge. for this increase the inductor current before switch off. by doubling this current the pulse energy will rise 4 times than before (square of current rise).
good luck.

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