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poor mans plasma globe exsperiment


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:)in yhis picture is a large plasma globe exsperiment i biult some time ago. on the left is a 750 watt large globe and it sits on a length of small diameter pvc pipe, and glued into place, under it is a thick blue insulated wire solderd to the bottom contacts of this globe, which is run down the center of the pvc pipe then out a small hole just up from the bottom then spiral wound down to the base , where it sits on the wood platform. the wire is then run through a hole in the wood platform and away. the second pvc pipe is the high voltage return, both white pvc pipes are coverd in black tape to give a good appearence. the pipes are secured to the wood platform useing electrolytic capacitor clamps. what ever you call them. now inside the high voltage return pipe on the right is another thick blue wirem this runs up inside the pvc pipe and is secured to a l shaped coat hanger wire which comes out the top a little, and at that end i used a rubber suction cup from a high voltage flyback transformer wire that you find ,stuck to the back of any tv tube or computer monitor, under this cup that fits perfectly on the top of this ,large 750 watt globe is an alliuminium disc thats in contact with the l shaped coat hanger wire that sticks into it, the whole setup is run fromm iether my high voltage output of a flyback transformer powerd by the flyback transformer driver circuit, or from a multi ignition coil setup powerd from an ignition coil driver circuit. the streamers in the globe are light white and you can see them with the lights out in the dark only. with the top cup off the globe and a good peace of foil i got better arc when i hold the foil in my hands, these streamers comeinmg right through the glass globe into the foil in my hands, pending on how close i hold the foil to the glass globe


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ante i dont have any pics of the poor mans plasma lamp in action as its so light, the white streamers that is that you would have to have the light on to see them and even useing a flash on the camera would be like turning the light on, then you wont see them so well, ill put more power or voltage into it next time

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