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high voltage resister devider


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in thes latest pictures are one of my latest high voltage resister deviders, like the first high voltage resister devider, i carefully solderd 100 times 10 million ohms 1/4 watt resisters in sieries, i cut each resister leg to make it shorter then i counted them all to make sure theres 100 of them, then i rechecked the solder joints between each resister, then i coverd them all except the last resister, in black heatshring tubeing , then with a cigarette lighter i heated the heatshrink tubeing covering the resister chain, till its nice and tight, i used a shorter length of pvc pipe for the body, then i wrapped the , the high voltage resister chain, coverd in heatshrink , around the pvc pipe, i used super glue every few inchers to secure the resister chain in place, and i spaced the turns closer together , so as to make the setup more compact, then i used a few coats of varnish to give it all more insulation, then i made the pvc leg strutts for it, ive allso started a smaller one, but ran out of heatshrink tubeing so i used some left over larger diameter stuff but it dident shrink tight enougth so ill test this smaller one latter to see if i get any resister arcovers inside the resister chain


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