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Temperature sensitive fan speed controller

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Hi. In a bid to make my PC a bit quieter I thought it would be good to build a temperature sensitive fan speed controller with a sensor that I can place somewhere near my CPU or maybe near the fan. Perhaps with some sort of adjustment to adjust what speed for a given temp. I have done a bit of a trawl and there seem to be some good ideas out there, but unfortunately they all assume quite a lot of knowledge of components, circuit design etc. I have none of this! I can solder, and I'm not afraid to muck about with some proto-board to get the results, but I need some help to get me off the ground, maybe a circuit diagram I can understand that uses components I can get in my local Maplin.
Has anyone got any suggestions? Could be quite interesting, and I'm sure lots of people would like such a device. Cheers.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. That site was really useful. I especially like the fact that they show you how to actually construct the circuit in practice. Just the right amount of detail for a newbie like myself. It might be a while before I actually build the circuit and test it, but I'll try to post back my findings when I do.

Thanks again!

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