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Circuit design and simulator software


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I would like a CAD program for electronic circuit design, simulation and PCB design.

I am looking at "Circuit Creator" by Advanced Microcomputer Systems (AMS) and would like any feedback on this OR other electronic design software.

I would appreciate your thoughts and Recommendations please?

Jeff in Florida ;D

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Dear Uman

Software are usually expanded in one branch, I don't think you could find a software to be good at all of them, For PCB I recommand Protel DXP 2002 or 2004, It is very good in simulation too, but for simulation i have heard about 'Circiut Simulator' But not worked with it yet...
By the way, Forget Protel 99SE

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Guest Kasamiko

I've heard that the Eagle software is good.

If all you want is a good PCB design software, I like ExpressPCB (http://www.expresspcb.com/). And, it's free. ;D


Bad thing is..it won't allow you to print your design.. >:( you have to submit it to them for pcb reproduction.. ;D

rhonn ;) ;)
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