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TRIAC question


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I know this is stupid, but I´ve been far away from electronics a long while, but I´m returning slowly, remembering the basic concepts, and this is one I can´t remember: How can I test a triac with the multimeter? I can´t remember if I need 110V to check it out or just the multimeter...thanks to bring me in again ;)

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No Kevin,
A Triac turns off only when its current reduces below its holding value. Reducing its conducting voltage or reversing its gate bias won't turn it off. Its current will reduce and it will turn off when its load voltage crosses near 0v. If you short-circuit a Triac then its current will reduce because the short carries the load current and it will turn off.
A Triac can be turned on in either direction by a gate current pulse of either polarity, but usually the same polarity as the load voltage source.

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