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Layout problems!!! HELP!!!

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Hi all...
I'm creating a board for PIC learners that has only leds, display e switches. To make this project, I'm using EAGLE but I found some problems with layout. The switches I have are differents from those which EAGLE has is its library. I have some with only two pins and others with six. I've been trying to find another software, like Tango but I was unsuccesfuly. Can anybody give suggestions? I think that I'll have to design the switch that I have, but I wasn't able to do this at EAGLE. Is that possible?


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Yes you can, you have to create a new library. It's not very hard, I've only used Eagle 10-15 times and I managed to add an IC (UCN5804B).

Easier yet if you don't care for the schematic to lool good and you just want to make the pcb is to place separate pads for the switch pins and place them wherever you want them.

HTH, Nikolas

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