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Something special for the dog!

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Hello everyone... My dog has a chip! Yes, that's right, it's under the skin between his shoulder blades. The chip is an RFID tag manufactured by a company called AVID. They are for identification.

Anyhow.... I want to build a detector circuit to interface with an old laptop computer to open his dog door. I think it would be a cool project but I haven't got a clue how or where to start. Could anyone here set me off in the right direction?


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ive herd about these id chips to in australia there used to identify the owner of the dog if it gets lost or found and the information on the chips can have details of the owner to etc etc they use a hand held scanner of some kind to scan the detail information from the chip i think there was talk about useing that chip to identify criminals or repeat offenders to or something smiliar , another technology here in use is microdot spray it contains microdot chips and has the information of the owner of the car it is sprayed onto, like under the car in a spot where you only have to scan it with a microdot scanner to get all the information on the owner if the car gets stolen

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Hello Les,

Being a fellow dog owner that is a brilliant idea.

I would think to achieve this you would need to make/get a rfid reader, hook it into your computer. Scan your dog's rfid and store the code. then you would have to write an interface that when detected that code under the rfid scanner it would unlock the door.
Anyway here is some good reading to get you started.

http://www.rf-dump.org/ --- has software to dump rfid data. Aswell as a good mailinglist to get in contact with ppls about rfid.

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