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Vertical line test questin


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Hi Quantum,
I asume that the vertical line is the test that is made on video systems to determine reaction time and overshoot of the electronics.

A real life situation would be that you are driving a car (or riding a bike) down the street and a small child jumps out in front of you. You and your vehicle must have a fast reaction time to change direction. You and your vehicle must have good control without overshoot, or you will lose control and wipe-out.
Just like the verticle line on the screen.

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Thanks! I just had a question on the test about a true real life happening consisting of two variables that isn't a function. I was baffled when my teacher said that question would be on the test. It sounded like, what is a function that isn't a function. I got exactly what your saying, meaning if you overshoot, you hurt the child or system. Thanks for your help.

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