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Printable multi-layer circuits


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I have made boards with the normal thickness as well as the thin material. The thin material has been around fro quite some time. It is a real pain to etch. If you are using an etch tank, the material tries to flop around with the agitation of the bubbles. It has to be secured well or it will rub against something and cause etching in places you sdid not want etched. I usually tape it to a backing board. Also, I have never seen anyone use it will holes. Only surface mount. It would be like drilling through a sheet of plastic. I do not think the answer is to use thinner boards with an inkjet. I think the answer to this is to convert the printer so that it will accept the normal thickness of a PC board. If you clean the copper real well, the ink will stick. Then you have the problem of finding an inkjet type of ink that will not clog in the cartridge and will not wash away when you etch the board.
I have heard of converting pen plotters so that they will draw directly onto a pc board, but I have not seen a completed one that looked well done and that did not have one problem or another.


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