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Thank u all for ur replies , helps and attention

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No offence to trigger but i want to add something that u haven't
taken into consideration.

First, the fees of transportation to America.
Second, the fees of ur purchasing cost such as ur traffic fare
and so on.
Third, i want to reemphasize the price will be greatly reduced in
a big order.
Fourth,the bank's charges of remitting for payment.

As to the payment way, i prefer to the bank remitting.
The detail i'll tell the people who have a order of my product.

I also have a question here.
Could someone do me a favor to tell me the general price of chip
resistors in America market? Take 100 pieces of chip
resistors(precision 1%) as an example, how much is it?
I get the price information from a friend of mine in America.
It maybe have difference to the market price.
If someone can do me the favor, I'll be thankful and relist the
price which will be more reasonable and much cheaper than the
price in American market.

Of course, it will also leave some profit margin for myself:)
Thank u all for ur replies and helps.

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