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Hi Everey One

I Made The Fun Card Programmer (by Diesel) Circuit. But
Unfortunately I Don't Know How To Make The Connection Cable Between PC And The Programmer. And Also I Don't Have The Software To Program. I Need To Test My Made Circuit. Would
You Please Help Me How To Test My Circuit?

Tank's A Lot

Yours Truly

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cable connection could be discovered by checking datasheets of those 2 ic's, but sofware is a whole different matter... It may be illegal to use this programmer in many situations, eg. copying de-scrambler cards. various software can be found from the web. try searching smartcard programming software. i'll try to get more info soon.

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There is a number of ways to use the card,Try searching for pony prog, card pro, Extreme hu for Dtv, winex, identifile, ic prog,they are all free and i left a lot of them out cause i cant remember them all, Butt card pro and pony prog has options for connecting fun card programmers,i would like to see your schmatics on the fun card programmer you built if you have them handy, i am also working on an project, if you just want to experment with sending and recieving data the search for windmill, it's a free program to help with troubleshooting,,, ;D


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