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urgent (counter question)


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Hi all.
well Kevin it is not exactly like that.
Normally you build counters using flip flops. According to how you will connect the clocks of your flip flops, you can get a sync. or an async. counter. You have a syncronous counter when all clock inputs of the flip flops are connected to a single, common clock. An asynchronous counter uses each flip flop's clock differently. You may want to take a look at this page for more details and some examples:

As for advantages and disadvantages, each counter fits in different applications and therefore I don't think you could make a comparison between them. In general you put sync. counters in synchronous systems and asynchronous in async. systems (these are the faster ones btw., but are more complex to design)

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In a synchronus counter, all flip-flops have same clock signal. Thus the outputs of all flipflops change at same time. However a asynchronus counter dosen't has a single clock going to all ff's thus creating glitches in the output. Although asynch counter can be built with vrey little glue logic, it it not advisable at high frequency.

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