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I want to make a game with leds; there must be 8x8 led and I want to flash only one led at a time and this process must go on forward not turn back;
this is the problem how will I flash one led randomly in eight led without using microcontroller or microprocessor only using simple logic integrated circuits like counters,registers etc.

note:please replay only randomizing problem because the rest of the game is very simple.

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Guest Yevgenip

You can't get a random selection, but you can get a semi-random selection. I think you can eather build a logic circuit that workes with a chaos-generating formula (like x=rx(1-x) ) (Post me for more details on chaos formulas) or use a flip-flop and bring to superposition and activate a timer with the output of the fliplop.


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A frequently used solution for this type of problem is a fast, free-running counter (either in hard or soft form) that is read when you need your random number. Although it isn't a true random number generator, it is generally sufficient because the statistical repartition is OK and you have no way of knowing or influencing what the next number will be.

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Guest Yevgenip

That's a good idea, but I'll add something to that:
Use two counters, each one in a different rate and/or a different phase and when you stop them, make a logic operation between the outputs. I think it's more random than one counter.

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:)leds to flash one after another youll have light chasser and by shorting the electro by taping to each side of that electro with 2 wires and runing it to a push button then you can stop the leds in there tracks, you can add numbers to every led and use it to pick your lotto to . if this is any help to you

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