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I have a couple of questions about PCB software and manufacturers.
I am in the market for a PCB design and layout application software to produce small single and double sided boards. There are so many to choose from and trial versions to "learn", I am having trouble selecting. Of course price is a factor and so is ease of use and the learning curve. I will not use this daily, so I would like an intuitive progam. I experimented with PCBexpress PCB software V2 freeware and it seems good. If anybody has experience with PCB Express customer satisfacation, I would be interested too.

Also, can you recommend a good prototype PCB company to produce a couple of prototype boards at good quality and price?

Thank you,
Jeff in Florida

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Hi Uman,
I found PCB express software the easiest to learn and use :), and I am absolutely hopeless at learning to use new software :(. I like to make my own PCB so this software isn't much good for me, it won't print out the PCB pattern >:(, I'm still searching for software that is as easy to use as PCB express, no luck yet,

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Try the PCB Wizard (Home Version) from Maplins. Their e-mail address is http://www.maplin.co.uk I have bought it recently and am delighted with it. It lets you do schematics & pcb layout for single and double sided layouts. It prints pcb layout at actual scale.
If you have any difficulty in obtaining this program send me an e-mail to this website.

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