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European applience in North America, question

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I have a small applience from Europe, 220Vac - 50Hz. It has a heater element and small motor inside, some kind of a grill.... If I will plug it in the stove outlet (240Vac - 60Hz) will it blow up? ;D

Or is there another solution? I know I could buy step up transformer, however the xfmr is double price of my grill....

Thank you!

And don't lough if this question is stupid. I am a new here but after some time I will be an expert! :P

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Guest Kasamiko

In my own opinion..your grill wont notice the 10 volts difference..or whether it is 50 or 60 hz.. ;D
In my please we used to plug a 100 VAC Japanese tv to a 120 VAV transformer without any ill effect on the performance..

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No one can answer this question without actually seeing the circuit. A 220 volt heating element should have no problem running on 230. Also, the frequency difference will not matter to the heating element. However, if this device has other circuitry where the voltage is stepped down with the transformer, then you have other things to consider.
If the unit has a clock, you will never be able to keep the time correct due to the 50 hz to 60 hz change.
Hope it is helpful. Perhaps the device has a schematic inside it as I have seen on many appliances. If you could scan it in and post it, others could comment with more precise information.


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Thanks guys! :)

This is the best forum I have ever seen. Funny and helpfull! :-*

My biggest problem is to find out for sure that it is safe to plug in the applience to that outlet. I just don't want to call 911 after, maybe better to call them just before plug that in ;D
The wires are red and white (I think), and they are +-120Vac. There is no "neutral". This produces 240Vac. Right? So is it safe to do it?

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