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ABS Plastic

Guest Kasamiko

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Guest Kasamiko

ABS Plastic? Am not sure what that is but I work with soft machinable plastic with CNC. Perhaps CNC might help you.

Something like Acrylic sheet. Machinable plastic..

rhonn ;) ;)
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:)kasamiko i biuld my own project enclosures for my circuits from pvc storm water pipes as youll see in the high voltage stuff section, home made pvc circuit box designs, i use white palstic corner moulding fro the frame work and pvc from the pipes for the pannels ,you cut them down one side then heat them over a stove flame till there soft then flatten them out and cut the pannels from them and screw to the plastic framework

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Guest Kasamiko

:)use pvc storm water pipes about the thickness or under, of a match stick to make your own circuit boxes , and plastic corner moulding for the frame work

Hi Steven
Do you have a detailed instruction on how I do it?
A link maybe?
Thanks again

rhonn ;) ;)
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If you are wanting to make project boxes with ABS plastic, I came across a website a few years ago on this. I do not recall where it was, but the method was to use a large "oven bag" like what is used for cooking. These can withstand a lot of heat. Then you make a replica of your project case out of wood, etc. and put it in the bag. You put it on a plate you have made with lots of holes and attach vacuum such as a vacuum cleaner to the other side of the plate. This is similar to a vacuum table used for graphic arts, except it is in the bag. With the vacuum on the one side, you use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the sheet of plastic through the bag. The vacuum pulls the softened plastic over the mold and shapes it to your design.
Hope I have explained it well enough. I will look around to see if I can find the site.


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I have a plastics supplier near me that sells PVC and ABS plate plastic.  I have never asked if they deal in mail order, but you could ask.  They will also take almost any design you have and manufacture what you want.

Soltis Plastics,  White Lake, MI,  PH: 248-698-1440

I have used the plaste pvc in the past for ham radio antennas and insulators and have gotten thickness's up to 3/4" for plate and 2"x2" for square rod!

Good buch there!  Will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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