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How do you become a Moderator?

Guest Yevgenip

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Hello Yevgeni :)

To become a moderator the only thing needed is LOVE about electronics and have the appetency to frequently watch the board/s you moderate and if you see something not right or moral to act accordingly.

Have in mind that you won't be alone, also other moderators and admin watch the boards to keep the forum clear.

If you want to be a moderator tell me the board/s you like to moderate.

Thanks for your consciousness to make this community a nice place.

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Guest Yevgenip

Mixos, Thank you for the information!!!

I love this forum very much and I am eager to learn more about electronics and help others. I spend much time going through the boards and reading the posts, helping where I can.

I would love to help make this community an even better place than it is now. I would be happy to moderate the Theory Articles board.

One last thing: If you would let me moderator, please E-Mail me a list of do and do-not. That is, What is forbidden and what is allowed and do I report back to you, or fix the problem myself? I could use more information.

Thank you very much for giving me such a possibilty!!! :D
With gratitude, Yevgeni Plotkin.

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Yevgeni P.
From now Yevgeni P. is moderator in Theory articles section!

Thanks for your attitude to be a moderator. I saw your messages and i think you will be the perfect man for this position.

I am e-mailling you some details, check them and you are ready.

I am sure you will do your best ;)

What's your favorite board in the Community? Would you like to moderate it along with others and me?

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