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Hi Mixos,
Thanks for fixing the internet problems on your wonderful site.
I have a small request for you, if you have a little spare time.
That's it! The time. The site's clock is about 20 minutes fast, so i receive e-mails about replies that my clock says haven't even occured yet.
Thanks again.
[move] ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D[/move]

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Hi Audioguru,

No matter what timezone your in the minutes should be the same, right?
The site clock is a 12 hour clock using AM and PM which is not standard in Europe (we use 24 hour time). I live in the CET zone (central European timezone) that is GMT+1h. Which zone do you live in over there in Canada?

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Hi Ante,
Sorry, but your clock must be wrong. This site's server is now in California, so bases its time on Pacific Standard Time (or whatever those Californians call it), not GMT like other sites do. Your clock is probably 10 hours ahead of the server's time.

I am in the Eastern Standard Time zone. We finished with "daylight time" (1 hour time shift) a while ago for this year.
There is a place in Canada where the time zone is offset by 1/2 hour, making it very difficult for those people to sync with the rest of our planet. The poor people who live right on the borderline. Each end of their house or even across the street is 1/2 hour different. "Sorry I'm 1/2 hour late for work, boss. I was in the wrong end of my house"!

I guess that borders even apply to countries. Towns and houses are built on borders. So each end is in a different country. Cool.

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Hi Audioguru,

You misunderstood, what I meant to say was the increment should be 1 hour from one zone to another. I did not know that Electronics Lab is situated in California US, I have always believed it to be situated in Greece. I have friends and relatives in Minneapolis and Chicago and they always are on the same minute just 7 hours after. I think we change to and from

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Hi Ante,
Electronics-Lab started with a server in Greece, but Mixos changed it to a California server awhile ago, maybe 'cause it cost less. Mixos and most of his sponsors are still in Greece.
Unfortunately, the server bases its time on local time instead of the standard GMT. I don't know why it shows its minutes ahead of what it should be in this modern age of technology. It should be accurate to within millionths of a second.
Your post also shows that the server's clock is 18 minutes and 16 seconds fast.

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