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A virtual scanning electron microscope (SEM)!


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A virtual scanning electron microscope (SEM) on your PC!

Check out this great software and watch as close as you couldn't imagine into chips, flyes, rocks, ect. Hope developers release more data in future.

Texas Instrument DLP (Digital Light Processing) chip

Virtual Lab completely emulates a scanning electron microscope and allows any user to zoom and focus into a variety of built-in microscopic samples. It also comes with a set of educational materials such as a demo on how a SEM works and movies of the real thing in action.

An integrated circuit (TI jm38510 series NAND gate)

Virtual lab allows users to pan around a sample and zoom up to 3,600 x magnification. There are also controls to control focus, brightness, and contrast. It effectively simulates a real SEM's set of controls. It serves as a very accessable alternative compared to the costs of purchasing and setting up a real Electron Microscope.

Download it : http://learn.arc.nasa.gov/vlab/install/VirtualLab-pc.zip

more info: http://learn.arc.nasa.gov/vlab

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