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Construction design!

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I've built some pretty bad looking projects in my day, but nothing on this kind of scale.

I'm opting for a low-precision digital thermometer myself--given the mix of what looks like RCA cans in there. A vintage circuit to be sure.

I can go for leaning in the direction of art. It would look kind of cool, and a bit more stable, encapsulated in good-quality resin.

Only after seeing this, have I come up with some similar ideas that would make my wife roll her eyes. I could probably be talked into something like that. ;)

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Well my first thoughts were, what a monstrosity :o. But then I realised it appears that every component there has a function, I can't help to be impressed 8). Although I do feel a kookaburra would have been a better component choice, its performance is far more superior then a Peacock, for a laugh ;D ;D ;D.

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Hi Chris,

It’s from the cover of a book but I can’t remember which book unfortunately! Maybe someone else knows which book it is?
It looks like it could be out of your homepage though!  ;)
B T W you must be a millionaire selling penny's for dollars! ;D ;D

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Actually, The only thing I have ever sold are those the pcb keychains and that wasn't even through my website. :( Although they were a big hit at my HIgh school. 8)

That particular copper sculpture is something I made for my girlfriend... Ok, I'll admit, half of those things on the website I made for my girl friend... It was a little idea I had to market them on the internet, so far no luck. I guess I'm not appealing to the right demographic ???
YOu wouldn't know anything about marketing would you Ante? ;)

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