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How can i make an electronics compass?

It can consist of a circle of LEDs and the LED facing north will light up.


A single LED and moment the device faces north the LED lights up.

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You must start by identifing the magnetic compass sensor you will use. Some common sensors are:

KMZ52 from Philips
HM55B from Hitachi
1490 Compass Sensor

Then you can take a look to some schematics/application notes to see how this can be intergrated to your system:

1490 Digital Compass

Electronic Compass Design using KMZ51 and KMZ52

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Hi Siddharth,

I think that would be a very interesting project to take on :D, although I think it would be difficult to make an electronic compass, that could improve on the simplicity and reliability of a mechanical compass.

I know which one I would choose, if I was heading into the outback ;).

Good luck, I hope you are planning on posting your progress here 8).

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