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Cutting PCB's

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I use a shear which is made for this purpose. I never liked the results from band saws, hack saws, etc. Depending upon the type of boards, some will melt and discolor if you fail to keep it cool while cutting with a high speed tool. Then there is the problem of fiberglass or phenolic dust in your lungs and in your eyes. No thanks!


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Use a steel ruler and a Stanley knife. Score a line then mark edges of board then score the other
side. Then simply snap the board on the scored line........... Simple. Thats how I cut all my boards.
Fibreglass boards are slightly trickier but it is easily done, infact if you score the copper side first
you can actually see the score line from the other side through the board. Its just a simple matter
of then scoring the opposite side of the board and snapping along the line. If there are any rough
edges just clean them up with a file or sand paper on a block of wood etc.

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    I'll have to try that scroring method. i picked up a 3 foot by 4 foot pice of D/S copper clad, thought I would save some money that way, what a waist after shipping it got dented and had scratches all over it, don' think it was that good of a peice to begin with.  Oh well live and learn.

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