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TDA7000 - FM Radio


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Hi John,
The TDA7000 isn't manufactured anymore but many suppliers still have some.
I am sorry to tell you that it doesn't make a very good FM radio: mono, poor sensitivity and selectivity, high distortion and noise. Newer TDA70XX ICs are made in surface-mount only packages and are in very cheap radios complete with headphones and battery that cost the same as just a TDA7000 IC. :o
My wifey got one of those cheap radios free by signing-up for a credit card. It doesn't have a tuning knob, just a "scan" button. It misses many local stations and even the strongest ones fade if I move it (it also has built-in interstation muting). It is very distorted and the highest audio frequencies are missing. ::)
It is so bad that I can't even compare it with my almost perfect Sony Walkman FM stereo tiny radio that complete with good headphones costed only about 5 times the cost of a TDA7000 IC. ;D

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I also got one of those little radios for free, after purchasing a certain amount at a newsagents, my daughters schoolbooks.

I didn't realise it at the time, but they were actually giving me a little plastic case, with a few useful components inside ;D, that little plastic case is going to make a great little remote-control Jammer, the perfect disguise it will still look just like a radio 8).

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