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Use a battery while charging it.


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Hi Wkng,
You won't be using the battery while charging it. You will be using any extra power from the charger. If the charger doesn't have any extra power to supply your project and charge the battery, your project might not work properly and the battery won't get charged.
If you use a powerful power supply to do both, you must limit the charging current especially when your project is turned-off. Also, the charging voltage is higher than normal so your project might need a voltage regulator during charging. Then the voltage regulator will be backwards between the battery and your project when the charger is removed, and will need to be reversed or removed.
It would be a lot easier if your project can run from the higher voltage from the power supply, and still work properly from a slightly lower than normal battery voltage. Then the charging current limiter can simply be bypassed with a diode when the charger is removed.

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As you can see, this is not a general question. Do you have a schematic of the charging system on this device? If it is a commercial unit, perhaps it can be found on the internet. If you can post more information regarding this, I am sure you can get help on this. It is a simple task but there are several ways to go about it depending upon the present hardware.


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I came across bq24100 datasheet and i thought it may interests you. This is a Li-Ion switchmode charge management IC. Take a look here:


In page 25 of datasheet there is circuit using bq24100 that charges the battery while powering the system without affecting battery charge and termination. Search for other charge ICs that you could be used this way.

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