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I do not use rar type files, so this poses a problem for me and all of the others who, like me, have never had the need to use this file type. Rar is not packaged with most computer systems. If you attach file type rar, a viewer for rar must be on everyone's computer for them to see the image in the post. This is why standards like word, pdf, bmp, gif, etc are normally used on forums. We need to either not accept rar as an accepted file type or someone should post a free rar file viewer for download. All sites that use pdf will also post a link for the adobe download page to get the free viewer. If there is not a free viewer like adobe pdf, then we should not accept rar as an accepted file type.


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Perhaps on older operating systems. You do not have to install anything on XP to read zip files. It is pre-packaged. Sites which use txt, doc, pdf, bmp, gif, jpg, tiff, etc do not require the user to purchase anything.
My question was: Is there a free rar reader? If so, lets post it on the site.

In the case that there is not, there will be many users on this forum who will not benefit from attachements. I do not see this as a good thing. Also should be noted: I will not go out and purchase this program. As a moderator on this site, I am not going to be able to see these files and know if they are ok to be posted. This makes moderating posts a little hard, wouldn't you say?


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Here is a solution: I have searched out a free file viewer for rar. Named 7-zip. It is attached. Unless someone has a better free viewer, I suggest we make this available on the site. I have tested this with XP and it does not interfere with the present zip file viewer.
Since it comes as an exe, I have zipped it so that the site will accept it.



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I for one don't use rar files but I have the 7 zip file utility and it's good once you get over it's unusual user interface.

This is why standards like word, pdf, bmp, gif, etc are normally used on forums.

I would strongly advise against the use of bmp and doc files.

bmps are bad because they're very large files.

Word documents are also bloated and can also pose a security risk because they track the changes and can contain macro viruses.

Both formats are Windows only so people who are using UNIX or don't have Word and might not be able to read them properly.

Use rtf/pdf/html format instead of word and gif/jpg/png/tif instead of bmp.

The attached zip contains a circuit saved in bmp and gif format - don't take my word for it see for your self.


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I agree to almost all of this, but html files can contain lots of problems which is really bad if you want to protect your integrity. And gif. files are the best for schematics, everyone can use them, high resolution and very small in bytes.
BTW, do you have any good suggestion for a spanning cruncher?

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