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Homemade Pager


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HI Everyone!!!
I'm Finally Back!! No one probably missed me because I wasn't here
much anyway but still it's it's good to be back.

Anyway have a great idea that i think were are smart enough to acommplish, A homemade pager. and when i say that i don't mean like the one's you buy in the store (well similar) becuase the wouldn't have a "service provider" or atleast not a set one that you pay. you no what i mean. The reason this would be good, well many reasons. I know some bands you cant use but still i think we can do it Anyway it may sound hard but i think for a basic one (i mean like my idea to send messages from a pc modem or such) we could do something like this

Audio receiver --> 1200 Baud modem IC ---> LCD Screen

Since it is just audio, even a Pc sound card is good and if you use it close range you could use a FM radio IC and transmitter

I'm sure we can do this i'll post my findings in a Project when i'm father along NEway hope to hear

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