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I'm confused, are you talking about an electronics simulation program? If so there are a few out there, like Electronics Workbench -- which I am using for school.
None of these are in perfectly working conditions there are alot of problems with most of the programs, so if you can make one with a perfect simulation for every working component let me know  ;D

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hi all, i have this idea of circuit simulator where you connect a transistors lead, or any electronics components lead to a computer terminal, and the computer will record its parameters. after that you use thse parameters for simulation. its just an idea...

For a transistor you can get a curve tracer that will give you a lot of info. For a capacitor/inductor/etc you have to use a freq and check its response at that freq. or do a sweep or something.

The problem is interfacing with the computer. There is a box you can build to measure inductance, capacitance, and freq sweeps of a speaker.

But Im not sure if you can import all this info into the circuit simulator. Sure you can put in transistor gain and diode drop (probably), but not everything.

Good idea though.
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I can't remember how many hundreds or thousands of new transistors I have used over the years, and not a single one failed when used in a circuit that keeps the transistor working according to its guaranteed spec's. New transistors are very reliable so why bother testing them?

Maybe if you want used transistors from disposed electronic equipment where some transistors might be destroyed by lightning or something, then it would be good to test them. ;D

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hi audioguru!
not even a single one in my case too.but there is a certain fact that i have noticed and hope u would also have.over prolonged use of same device in circuits,the device parameters (most troubling for me was Hfe) change and degrade the device performance.
so arises the need to test these parameters again and again.for professional transistor manufacturers  too the customer requirements are too precise.and ICs please!!!!!!
50% of them i have used are faulty!

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Hi Prateek,
About the only things I know that degrade a transistor's Hfe is allowing the reverse base-emitter voltage (about 5V to 7V) to be exceeded in a multivibrator or something, and too much heat.
Sure transistors are troublesome when designing circuits for them. Cheap ones have a 9 to 1 spead in Hfe. Frequently a more expensive transistor has a much narrower spread of Hfe, such as the BC547A, B and C.

50% of ICs you use are faulty? Maybe you have static electricity problems. I had thousands of products assembled with TL072 and TL074 opamps and not a single one was faulty. Of course I designed the circuit within the full range of the opamp's spec's. Maybe yours were designed only for "typical" specs. ;D

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Hi Prateek,
When I worked for Philips, the 1st letter of a transistor's number is its material:
A = germanium.
B = silicon.
C = gallium arsenide.
D = indium antimonide.
R = Devices without a semiconductor junction such as Hall generators and photoconductive cells.

The 2nd letter ranges from A to Z with a few letters of the alphabet missing. I got the list but don't have a scanner and I am not going to list it here, sorry.

The 1st number is for the package. The BC147 had a boxy shape, and the BC547 is in a TO-92 package. The other numbers are the sequence they were introduced.

I dunno about package numbers, I just try to remember their various shapes, sizes and material. ;D

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