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sugar level detector


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So what you are thinking of is a blood glucose monitor. Most of these currently extract blood from the person and test it using some sort of sensor. Doing a quick search I did find one non-invasive one that used photonic measurements of the eye to determine blood sugar. Some use Spectroscopy. It looks like a rather complicated process from my quick scan of articles because of the small concentrations involved in the blood. There seems to be no electronic sensor that you can buy unless it is built into an already build glucose sensor. I guess you could try to detect the sugar in the liquid by measuring boiling point of the liquid very very accurately but I don't know how much it would vary since the amount of sugar in the blood is in the mmol range.

Here a a block diagram of a blood glucose system; however, the "invasive/non-invasive sensor" is not specified.


Sorry I couldn't help more. Maybe someone else has some suggestions.

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