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Adding audio to cctv via the arial?

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Hello all!

At work we have a closed circuit television system. It is a very cheap kit!

The CCTV camera (composite video feed) is fed into a rf device, so the CCTV camera is viewed through a TV arial type connection (not rgb/composite)

This is plugged into the arial circuit used to pick up terestrial television signals.

The upshot of this is any television connection to the arial system can receive terestrial tv signals, and the cctv feed, depending what channels it is tuned to.

We would like to add an audio channel to complement the CCTV, so anybody watching CCTV would hear our soundtrack....he he he

We tried re-tuning the output of an old VCR (video casette recorder) to the same frequency as the cctv rf device, plugging it in to the arial 'system' and seeing what happened on the TV.

The vcr and cctv competed for signals, and only the audio was avaiable to hear (with a lot of distortion).

So my question is:

How can we *reasonably easily* add an audio track to the cctv via the arial system? (not at the rgb / composite side)

Can a VCR be easily modified to only output audio signals?

Can a device be built / exist that allows me to do this?

I see soldering 'kits' are available, that plug into a TV, and emulate old games (such as pong or space invaders).

These produce the kind of signals I want (sadly video not audio...)

Many thanks in advance!

N.B Work is owned by a life long friend, only six of us work at the premisis. This is meant as a joke -this isnt nefarious!

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