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Our Site Doesn't Open


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Lately I have had great difficulty getting into our site's home page, projects page or even replying to replies. I notice that in the last 24 hours only 15 posts have been made, so I guess I am not the only one.
My browser tells me that it cannot find the server, that it found the server and is waiting and waiting for a reply or that the site is "opening" for a very long time. Occasionally I get an error that goes on and on for many pages of errors and a few times said, "too many users".
Other sites I visit don't have problems at these times and one in particular, diyaudio.com, has hundreds of users that are shown on its home page, and no problems.
On other sites I would like to link to the good things here but since we have these access problems I can't.

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I apologize for any access errors during the last 24-48 hours. This is due to server switch procedure. We moved on a new server hopping to solve the long delays of the past. Please report any access or performance problems.

Thanks for your patient :)

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That's great news mixos :D.

As for reporting any problems, I have had a problem and reported it under (feedback/Comments, Having problems uploading pic's.) as you probably already know ;).

I am certain you will sort out any problems in due course 8).

Thanks mixos :).

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Hi Ante,

Good to see you here again :D, I don't think it is your equipment.

I was having a good run for awhile after I found out we got a new server, pages were loading exceptionally fast 8).

But then last night the problems started a gain :(, I think we just need to be patient, I'm confident that mixos will soon sort it out :).

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