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I'M Lost!


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Guest SM2GXN

Hi Ante and good to hear from you!

I've also tried all those bugfixes from microsoft but ended up with same blank page.
I run W2k and I wouldn't even consider XP again not because I've had any trouble with it, I would say it's more like a matter of taste :) .
As a matter of fact Firefox run as fast as IE on my 550Mhz computer I can't notice any difference.
;D I've tried Linux years ago and at that time I was not impressed but that was some years ago.
A good friend of mine is a real Linux fan, he brought to me something called knoppix which is some kind of Linux bootable from a cd, well what can I say :) not bad.
As long as most of the software I'm interested in is written for windows I'll stay there but when all bits in place I might consider Linux.
In the mean time I have to repair some mother boards to get higher speed, not because I'm greedy I do it for fun  ;D
Anyhow, it's good to be here it's nice and friendly :)


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Hi Bjorn,

I agree W2k has worked rock steady in my computers and I don’t have any complaints what so ever. To be honest XPPro is “exactly” the same just a lot of bells and whistles on top! The reason for XPP in my new computer is that it was included and preinstalled. From what I know about Linux (which isn’t much) there is noting wrong whit it, I just wanted to tease Alun curse I know he’s one of them Linuxers! ;D
I didn’t know it was possible to repair a motherboard, I have changed some bad electrolytic caps on a few but nothing else.   

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Guest Alun

Hello Alun!

I did also install Thunderbird and I'll tell you, I like it!
I had to download the Swedish library for the spell checker and as default you already got UK/US.
Even the news reader was ok and no more problem with blank pages :)


I've just tried Thunderbird but my emailmail service provider linuxmail.org requires you to pay to use an email client so I'm looking for another email service provider, which one do you use?

Hi Bjorn,

I didn’t get any good results with these”bugfixers” and I don’t use the same computer for this place (Electronics-lab) any more. Firefox worked well but it was very slow compared to IE. I got a new computer almost two months ago and it runs XPP and I don’t look back! There was nothing wrong with W2000P I might add but I guess it was time to take the step anyway. My old computer still runs W2k and I am not planning any upgrading for this one.

BTW Bjorn, you better not listen too much to Alun or you will end up running Linux in no time at all! Your soul will be lost! ;D ;D ;D

I think your soul has already been taken by Bill Gates and his evil empire called Microsoft. ;D

I hate Microsoft like I hate all other big multinational companies, I'd like to use Linux more but it lacks decent electronics simulation so I'm stuck with Winbloze. >:(

Perhaps the links to the anti-Microsoft site Microsuck and the FireFox home page in my signiture aren't big and clear enough. ;D
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Guest SM2GXN


It's a rainy day in Calif... no but here it is :) good day for playing with electronics.
Nothing fancy really about my mother boards repair Ante, as you said mostly
electrolytic capacitors and one or two mosfets. Great help to grip how this work is data sheets for US3004, RC5051 (synchronous buck controller IC) and AMD-K6 processor power supply design.
Interesting reading check it out. I've replaced som ICs like on board sound processors and blown com port controllers and some resoldering, no BGAs :).
Remember all this is just for fun, a new mother board these days are cheap.
Hm.. lots of off topic, sorry.

Hi Alun!
My email service provider is same as my internet provider and that is TELIA.
I agree on Linux it seem to be excellent os, my friend the "Linux fan" and I use to play together in a band. He uses Linux software for all that refer to music.

Hi tnk2k!

Thanks a lot for the link, yes it did a lot on the speed but as said earlier didn't notice any difference in speed between IE and firefox, well it was saturday and I was repairing the car and lots of other stuff to to do so I've could have missed something  ;D


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Guest Alun

Hi Alun,

Since you have this thing for big multinational company’s whats inside your computer? I mean you don’t have an Intel or AMD CPU I guess!  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

Yes but they aren't in a monopoly position, their in competition with each other.

The thing I dislike about Microsoft is they have a stranglehold on the software market, if you want to run most software you need Windows. You can run software compiled for an Intel on an AMD, but Windows software will only run on Windows (well I know there's WINE for Linux but it's hardly reliable).

Linux is different, many companies make Linux operating systems (remember Linux is just the kernel) in my opinion we'd all be better off if everyone used Linux because we would have a choice where to buy it from. Linux is a free open operating system while Windows is a closed proprietary operating system, when I mean free I'm not talking about price I'm talking about free software click here to go to the GNU webtsite.

Linux does have it's shortcommings caused mostly by the lack of industry backing and here is my reasoning as to why Linux hasn't really caught on:

Lots of people, organizations and businesses don't use Linux because it doesn't fully support their hardware or they rely on a piece of proprietary software for which there is no Linux equivalent.

Manufacturers don't make Linux drivers and software vendors don't release Linux versions which isn't helped by the fact that many Linux users are GPL fanboys who hate proprietary software.

These two factors feed of each other and are alone strong enough to stop Linux from becoming the main operating system for quite some time if ever and this will be the same for any other operating system.
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??? Hi all,

from what i got luinx can be hack a real easy
I can say that windos is a lot better for me to use and i have firefox AND
i have used red linux 8.0 and it was and still is a pain in the a** it took two weeks
for me to get on line.  I can say that linux NEEDS TO MAKE SO OLDER COMPUTERS WILL WORK they just make it for the newst computers..
Windows lock up and i could not boot but i got it back up and runing with redhat that was not working at all. And so all of you know linux is  win 3.1 all that linux is windows just a hack...


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Guest Alun

Hi kid_kv,
I tried Redhat 9 before and I never liked it, it's slow and bloated, Redhat 8.0 is also quite old now and Linux is better than it used to be. Linux will work well on old hardware (much older than Windows XP) Vector Linux only requires 32MB of RAM and it's much faster than Windows XP on 256MB of ram.

My advice is try Linux again and don't be put off by a bad experiance try I live CD like Knoppix then you don't have to mess around with installing it.

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I know there are two new linux os lindows 4.0 and linspire...
We allso have an amiga computer and workbench 3.1 was the best os and amiga is 
back in biz agian..

Finding programs for linux is a pice of cake ::)
And firefox is faster then IE and it is faster then the web browser that i have tried out .

steven ;D

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Guest Alun

I know there are two new linux os lindows 4.0 and linspire...
We allso have an amiga computer and workbench 3.1 was the best os and amiga is 
back in biz agian..

Finding programs for linux is a pice of cake ::)
And firefox is faster then IE and it is faster then the web browser that i have tried out .

steven ;D

Lindows = Linspire
Linblows, oh sorry Lindows  had to change their name to Linliar, oh sorry my spellings terible ;D, Linspire as a result of legal action taken against them by Microsoft.

I'd avoid Linspire if I were you, it's not very good because once you've bought it you have to pay for all the software - software that would've otherwise be free if you used some other distribution like Ubuntu or Mandiva, in short Linspire sucks.
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  • 1 month later...

WoW alun i'm like you in a lot of ways i hate IE i Love fire fox I dislike Micro$oft and LOVE linux and i don't like big companys that try to take over the world.

i run a winxp pro partition on my computer with a debian partition.
i think debian is one of the best distubitutions and i agree lots of people have a bad time with linux and never use it again it tis a shame.
i just worn you about a few things with linux
#1 make sure you have good access to some good help
#2 if something bad happens don't give up on linux
#3 it will be best if your not computer illerate
just a few sugjusions because linux isent designed to be windows that has wizzards and stuff to do all the tenical stuff for you because things shouldent go wrong so you shouldent realy have to do things like that

#4 don't try to do fancy things that a linux expert recomend you to do do things the way you are comfortable and if they tell you do this thing so you can fix this problem don't do other unnecairy things at that time wait tell the problem is fixed :)

oh and to be on topic i have a problem on our family computer with that using IE one site never had a problem with any other is blank tried temp files etc no work very confuse but oh well

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Great minds think alike Codey D;

I think you've missed my point,
Intel and AMD are in competition with each other, if you buy a new PC that'll play alll the latest games then you can choose one over the other, however Microsoft doesn't have any big opposition if you want to play all the lates games you need Windows. Big multinational companies are bad enough but a big company with out any competition is a big problem for the global economy because it has a stranglehold on it.

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Quite frankly, I think Bill Gates deserves every penny he has made from Microsoft. It is called business.

The myth that a monopoly is harmful to the economy is just myth. What harm? The operating system is certainly affordable and you have the technology in a home computer that could only be had by big business just a few years ago. Those who want a free operating system are not against a monopoly. They just want things for free (at someone else's expense).

However, there are those who fear that when a company has a monopoly they can set their own pricing. The truth is, when something becomes unaffordable to the general public, people find an alternative. If Ford had a monopoly and raised the price of cars real high, bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers would offer attractive features and pricing to pull in the market.

Even when you have a monopoly, you have to be aware that there are always alternatives. You must be competitive to alternatives. That kind of takes the wind right out of that sail. What good is it to have a monopoly on something if no one buys it?

Hate it or love it, Microsoft is guilty of nothing but competing vigorously, innovating and improving steadfastly, and maintaining or reducing its product price over time.  That is the evil monopoly in a free market.
Anti-trust suit?...And what better target than Microsoft with its billionaire founder Bill Gates?  Everyone has a jealous streak and it is easy to play on that when the object of abuse is someone so filthy rich that the average person cannot comprehend the wealth.  Yet, where is the harm to consumers?  ::)


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Interesting point of view MP.

Why I don't like Microsoft:

Lack of innovation - Microsoft has yet to come up with anything new, every one of their products is bought, borrowed or stolen from someone else.

Lock in - Microsoft's products don't interoperate with other products so people have to keep using thier products, "I can't change to staroffice because some of my word files won't open in it"

Lack of security in Windows - the default configureation in Windows XP is horrible, it is set up as an administrator account.

Aggressive competition - I could go on a lot here but here's one example:
MS decided they'd get rid of netscape and take over the Internet, so they decided to bundle their crappy web browser Internet Explorer (which the got form Mosaic form National Center for Supercomputing) with Windows. This did the trick alright who uses Netscape these days?

So if Microsoft's bad why won't people switch?

Because of the lock in factor I described earlier on - It's a vicious circle the following statements sum this up:

Hardware manufacturers and software developers support Windows because it's the most popular system.

They won't support Linux for example because not enough people use it to make it worth their trouble.

People are put off Linux because it lacks industry support i.e. because manufactures don't write drivers for it so some printers (and other hardware) won't work with in Linux, also software developers won't develop for it so they can't play the latest games.

In short, Linux isn't popular enough for manufactuters and software developers to support it so but they won't untill it has a high enough userbase but it won't achieve that until the industry supports it.

However the situation is improving, there are Linux equivalents for most Windows software, for example OpenOffice instead of MS Office, the gimp instead of Adobe photoshop and most of these are free too and Linux hackers have written drivers for most Windows only hardware also some companies now write Linux software and drivers.

This situation helps keep Windows at number 1, the same thing stops BSD, or BeOS from becomming big, in short the qulity of the OS doesn't deturmine the user base.

What's so bad about a monopoly?

Apart from high prices and other bussiness being squashed, a monopoly restricts people's choices and lowers the quality of the products. Look at all of the ultra cheap high quality computer hardware we have to choose from, this it because there is competition between vendors. Now look at the operating system, we're stuck with MS Windows - an overpriced and very featureless and boring system to say the least.

Am I jealous of Bill Gates?


There are more important things in life than money, more money means more responsibility and more to worry about, all I want from life is an interesting job, a good marriage and a happy family.

Some very interesting links:
Just say no to Microsoft
Microsoft Wikipedia page
My favourite anti MS site
Another good page
A very interesting article

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Hi MP,

I agree, Bill Gates just did the right things at the right point in time and had some luck too. And that’s not against any law as far as I know!


If the alternative was better I think many would change their habit. If another system could open “all” MS file types for example, there would be no excuses!
So, if you have a lousy marriage it’s OK to blame Microsoft? ;D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Have you considered backing up your files, reformat your hard disk and reinstalling all programs with update in your computer?

Too much programs in your computer and upgrading your programs can wreck havoc on your system, or you have been infected by some spyware/adware/hijacker programs via the internet.

It works for me after some program corrupted my setting of my internet explorer.

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